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Dear Chris, I recently purchased a 14k ring from a seller who I asked to resize the ring from 4.5 size to 6 size.  The charge for the resizing was very inexpensive which is why I asked the seller to resizing this 14k ring for me.  
  I expected that the gold added to the ring to be 14k because the shank of the ring is 14k.  However, when I got the ring and tested it, it appears that the added gold is either 10k or lower than 10k because the part of the ring where the gold would have been added is not passing the 14k test(and barely passing the 10k test).  
  However, I tested the other area of the ring and it appears that the ring passes the 14k.  Therefore, I am assuming that the ring is 14k but the added gold when resized is most likely either 10k or lower than 10k.  
  I was never told that lower grade gold was going to be added to this ring but I have a problem with this ring now because I feel that it will be very difficult to have it appraised.  In addition, if I wanted to resell it down the road, I would think that I will have problem selling it because this ring contains mixed gold in the shank(i.e., I cannot sell the ring as 14k or 10k).  
   Is it legal for sellers/repairers to offer resizing without disclosing different gold grade added to jewelry?  
   I ask because I would like to return this ring to the seller for a full refund but the seller doees not want to refund me for the service charge for resizing.

Dear Laura,
Not legal, if you want to take the problem to the next level you could but, try talking to the jeweler and get your money back in full or take to Court and he will not only refund your money but also attorneys fees not counting loss of reputation and business.

Hope it helps,

Orlando Cajamarca

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