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We have a 14k white gold 7mm wedding band that my husband and I are interested in possibly having melted down and remade into a new band.  It is just a plain band, no design, no stones, nothing at all.  We are wondering if it is possible to have it melted down and remade into the very same plain band, comfort fit.  Nothing to be changed.

We just got married a month ago, his ring was slightly too loose, we took it to a jeweler we hadn't worked with before and asked if he could make it smaller, he said yes, he compressed it down half a size tighter and now the ring fits, but has cracks all over it!  We are devastated, the jeweler offered us a free new replacement, but that does not matter to us as that replacement would not hold the sentimental value of being THE ring we were married with and wore on our honeymoon.  We simply want to get rid of the cracks and have it remade into exactly the same thing...therefore keeping the same ring we were married with.




Hi Kaitlin, sorry to hear that, it is not a problem at all to do what you want, it is something that a good jeweler can do in no more than 2 hours and the charges should not be more than $100.00
If you take this to the same jeweler please tell him that before using the method he used to size it down he was supposed to heat the band to a certain temperature so it softens and prevents cracking.
The process is as follows,
1- melt the band down and pour the gold in a channel ingot
2- roll the gold to the thikness and lenght of the band in project
3- bent it to make the ring and weld it together
4- file it, sand it and polish it.
Total estimated time to do all this 2 hours.
The ring might be a little thinner than the original because of all loses in re-making it.
I hope it was helpfull, please check my web site and let me know the end of the story.

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