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Jewelry Making/Torch,which one???


Miniplam II wooden box
Miniplam II wooden box  

Miniplam II torch
Miniplam II torch  
I'm writing here for the first time,because i have a little technical question,so there he is :

I'm a beginner in copper jewelry making( cold joint techniques),coiling and weaving wire etc,Right now i want to start making sterling silver and copper soldered jewelry.So i am  looking for a good Torch,that will be great for doing my works.
So the first question is,which is the minimum and precise propane Torch for me,which nozzle diameter is the best for doing those little joint etc..

The second question is:

I got some good looking torch but i didn't tried yet,something like smiths little torch,it is manufactured in Yugoslavia,called MINIPLAM II,it runs on oxigen and acetylene,propane and oxigen,and propane with compressed air,so the question is CAN I USE ONLY THE ONE HOSE CONNECTED to PROPANE TANK,practicly,can i use this type of torch as simple propane driven torch handle?????IF not,why???
Please see the torch photos and give an opinion.
I will be very thankfull for all your answers...

Greetings from

Skopje,Republic of Macedonia,Europe.

Ivan, From my experience you have the right torch. I recommend oxygen/acetylene however it is very hot and takes practice to get accustom to.
Try welding some pennies together then copper wire to practice your skills before you sink your teeth into jewelry. learn your torch and the great set of tips they provide.
Also for question 2 The propane isn't as hot and will require larger tips and don't forget compressed air will also lower the temp a little, again it all takes practice to learn your torch, and also the type solder you are using. Be patient and careful spend a lot of time learning the torch and your jobs will go much easier.
I hope this helps with your decision, Please let me know if you need any more help.

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