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I recently inherited a lot of silverplate spoons forks etc. Got a lot of ideas!! Also the usual bracelet and ring thing. I have arthritis in my hands and can't bend all these pieces without softening them but I've never annealed silverplate. I thought I could spare the life of a spoon or two perhaps by asking advise before plunging in. Any experience with silverplate heirlooms?

I don't recommend it Caroline, Even if you coat them with a  boric acid/ alcohol solution it usually has to be repolished & plated to attain the new look again just polishing usually doesn't last the plating, usually tripple plating is needed to assure durability.

If you have a lot of duplicates you might try wrapping one in a cloth before bending, hopefully the plating won't crack you might enlist the help of a strong friend or spring for a bending tool, might even be able to find one at a pawn shop, or make a pipe bender work.

Good luck & let me know how it turns out.

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