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There seems to be very little info about pools of light jewelry.  I've been searching off and on for about a year now and it's making me CRAZY.  Maybe I'm not asking the correct question...because basically I'm not sure what to ask, or actually HOW to ask for the info I think I want.  So when I've done Google searches, I would ask "what type of settings are used for pools of light jewelry"..."where can I get wire band settings for pools of light"..."where can I get pinch settings, cinch settings, pressure band settings for pools of light"...cause I really don't know what to call the setting.  I know the settings on the pics I've seen were sterling and very dainty with a flower as part of the setting possibly to give extra coverage on the crystal to help hold it in.  I also thought maybe the crystal may have to be etched or roughed up somehow where the band wraps around it.  I've got 31 clear spheres that I'm thinking are old pools of light...when I look at anything through them the image is upside down and backwards.  The spheres are 3 different sizes...1", 19.5mm and 17.5mm. What is the name of this type of setting?  Is it possible to buy them anywhere.  If I do find any, how to I put them in a setting?  I don't even have to have sterling.  Sorry for rambling.  Thank you so much for your time.  Have a wonderful lovely day...Kim

Hello dear Kim,
To my experience this type of settings are usually custom made at your needs or designs.
If you can find a good jeweler in your area he/she can make it for you in any metal such as gold, silver, platinum or palladium.
I have not seen any retailer or supplier selling this kind of settings.
Hope my answer helps.

Orlando Cajamarca

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