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Hi there.

I am a maker of polymer clay and steampunk jewellery, and my father has an orchid obsession.  There are always orchids available to use.  So I thought I would try coating some in resin.

The resin I have is the kind that comes with the large resin bottle and the small catalyst bottle.  It didn't come with instructions, so I feel pretty clueless.

I have read several online articles about resin floating flowers.  What I have gotten out of all of it is that you put the flower in glycerine ( I don't know for how long). Then you dry it overnight in sylica gel.  Then you dip it in resin. But does it need to be thinned out so that the flower doesn't get damaged?  And how many times would you dip it?  And how would I go about making it into a stringable pendant?  Thanks for you attention,


hello Vicky. I already answered your question but probably didn't got thru in any case here you go. get some resin spray at a jewelry supply store (michael's also has some) spray the orchid and let dry overnight, the spray needs to cure then you can use the epoxy resin (low viscosity) follow the instructions as they vary by brand you should be able to dip it several times allowing to dry between coats, I hope this helps,.Gilbert Gomez,

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