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Emerald(?) drop earrings
Emerald(?) drop earrin  

Metal setting
Metal setting  
I recently found a pair of earrings amoung a jar of babbles that didn't look like they belonged in a crafters box. They appear aged vintage silver with a heavy metal setting for what appears to be emerald stone (could be glass but there isn't any scratches even after being shuffled amoung metal and glass odds and ends. They are drop style with MD or MO or even CW (according to how u turn it to read it) with 925 beside it but down in the grove. There is also THA on the second drop piece where the stone is set. I'm just Curious as to the age and value of these, thanks :)

Hello Rebecca, based on the pictures and your explanation I see that these earrings are not that old, it is set with round marcasites and the make is not that old, the emeralds are man made and all the lettering are the manufacturers stamp. This type of jewelry is relatively new and seems like it was designed with a cad and mass produced.
The value of this earrings will be around $50 dollars in the retail.
Hope this was of some help but will suggest you to take it to a local jeweler and just ask for the value of it if you were to sell it.
If you are in Little Rock area there is a great store with very knowledgeable people I am sure they will be more accurate, here the link

If have any other questions please do not hesitate to drop me a line and I will do my best to help you.

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