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Dear Chris, I recently purchased a 10k gold necklace and used an acid test to see if this is genuine 10k gold.  I scratched the necklace on the stone and applied 10k acid.  Initially, the gold does not dissolve at all.  Then after about 35 seconds, there is no trace of gold left on the area where acid was applied.  
  Does this mean that this necklace is not 10k solid gold?  

I am puzzled because when I had previously applied acid to non-gold item, the metal normally disappears right away or bubbles then disappears.  However, this gold remains undissolved but after about 20 seconds, it starts to dissolve until it is completely dissolved after about 35 seconds.  
  I urgently need your assistance.

Hello Laura,
Seems like you know all the basic steps to test gold but, it is signs of gold plated material. File a spot on the necklace deep enough to see if there if a different metal underneath and then drop the testing acid to see if it reacts any different, another way to test it is applying heat to the item with a jewelers torch, if it is gold plated material it will disappear or bubble or change the color to black.
Hope the answer will help you in any way.

Orlando Cajamarca  

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