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Do you have advice for using the head of a stickpin and attaching (soldering?) to a plain ring band? Some I see use a band with a section cut out and solderied on each side of the ornament part. Others seem to use the whole band and solder it in the center.

Also, I'm interested in using a brooch, such as a crescent, and adding a small ring to each end so it could be used for a pendant with a chain attached to each side to make it hang horizontally.

Any advice or direction to other sites is welcomed.

Hello Liz,
Actually the 2 ways you have described are the most common, normally I will make a decision when I see the piece.
The crescent brooches will look better as pendants if you put a hiding bail on each end so the chain goes through it.
If I can be of any more help please let me know.

Orlando Cajamarca

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