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Jewelry Making/COP marking on gold ring


BkAngel wrote at 2013-04-10 00:13:53
It stands for Casting on Parade. A jewelry company back in the 80's. The SS you refer to is more likely an "88". That is what uaually follows their mark, as well as the size after that.  

Sarah Lee Proctor wrote at 2015-09-02 21:52:12
I've been told and it makes perfect sense....the cop then under that is the c in a circle then the number 88 in the piece I was looking at just yesterday.  What I was told is:  means the cop and the c in the circle both stand for 'copy-write' and the '88' is the year it was made. This makes the most sense of any other responses I've had.  Hope this may help you!!  

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