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mdimbi wrote at 2010-01-04 03:56:40
also, can be baked in a heated heavy frying pan with the oil heated in the pan then the batter /sponge poured in and cooked under the broiler, browned, then turned over to brown the other side.  my grandmother i am told made it on top of the stove, although i remembered it being broiled.

whiteswan wrote at 2015-05-07 17:42:12
This recipe was awful.  So Greasy, and did not cook right inside.  A weight on those 6 potatoes may be a good thing also.  

Another good piece of advice - drain your shredded potatoes by wringing them in a towel. Large Potatoes can be as big as  softballs.  I'm from Brooklyn and have had some great potatonik.  Sorry, not here.   Gotta keep looking for a decentSo

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