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QUESTION: I am 32 years old, have over 100 credit hours in college and a 4 and 2 year degree which are apparently worthless. I am wondering how to get a good job with either a general BA degree or simply a high school education? It seems like only fastfood places and Walmart are highering these days, and respectively they don't pay people like they care whether they live or die. lol. Any suggestions?

ANSWER: Yes I do. If you will send your email address to me at I will send at no cost to you a 4 email job search plan that really works. It will not only help you now but for the rest of your career. Good luck. (This is serious- AllExperts does not put up with anything that is not on the up and up.)

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QUESTION: I'm sure allexperts doesn't tolerate something that isn't on the up and up which begs the question as to why you wish to talk off of the site? lol.

I don't want to talk off the site. I need your email to send you the 4 part job search plan. It contains a sample cover letter, a sample resume, a unique method that shows you how to bypass the black hole of the personnel department and how to get your information to decision makers and some tough love advice. It really works if you work the plan. And is my personal email address which is out to hundreds of people on my several AllExpert sites, my Bluebird Yahoo listserv, etc, etc. Google Bob Walshaw, Bluebird Bob Walshaw, etc. if you are still suspicious. Good luck!

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I can answer job search questions and can email a very effective and unique job search plan that is almost guaranteed to work if you work the plan. I will also email resume and cover letter examples as well as some tough love advice all free. No internet questions.


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