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I'm a student attending my second year in high school. It is coming to the point where I must find a first job in order to buy things on my own and maybe help out around the house. Most people my age work at diners or cashiers at a store however I don't like to socialize and do not enjoy interacting with random people especially if I have to put with an issue because of their lack of cooperation. Normally I would tough it out but it terms of jobs I notice that many people tend to not enjoy work and see to hate having to go to it. I understand having a job is hard work however, since in the future most of my day would be dedicated to it I should have jobs I would somewhat enjoy or not struggle doing. My main interest is cartooning and graphic design but I am not skilled enough to where I can submit art to editorials or magazines. Since my interest is basically out the window there are not much jobs I know that don't involve lots of social interaction. Are there any suggestions for a straight forward job that doesn't involve immense interaction with other people? I apologize of this comes off as a pointless rant.

There are jobs that will fit your needs but you will have to find them. If you will send your email address to me at I will send you at no cost a 4 email job search plan that will give you some tools to search with. As well as a way to reach decision makers and some tough love advice resume and cover letter examples are included. Graphic design companies, newspapers, etc. have entry level jobs as well as many other sources. Search the internet, use your library, ask business leaders for advice, etc. Save these emails as they will help you for the rest of your career, and it is estimated that because of technology changes the average job in the future will last only five years. Good luck!  

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I can answer job search questions and can email a very effective and unique job search plan that is almost guaranteed to work if you work the plan. I will also email resume and cover letter examples as well as some tough love advice all free. No internet questions.


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