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I went to AEROPOSTALE to fill out an application. I came back the same day with my application filled out and presented a resume and cover letter for a manager that was at the store. I looked through it and asked me questions, and then instructed me to come back to the store on a Monday afternoon to meet with the store manager.
I met with her and I guess I was interviewed on the spot. She asked about work experience and some fun questions. Very upbeat and laid back it seems.
Anyways, She said she liked me and wanted me to come back Monday (shes out of town now) and bring her an ID, social card, 2 reference letters and a headshot for a portfolio that they have for employees.
I've never done that with a job but I have it done.

Is this a definite sign that I'm being hired?
It's the beginning of October and I interviewed alone, Not a group interview (like I've done with seasonal retail jobs).
Since I'm being hired solo does this mean I'm not a seasonal employee?
I'm curious because I am looking for more than a seasonal job

The head shot and other requests would indicate that you will be hired. And don't sweat the seasonal question. Even if this is so, do an extra good job and many "seasonal" employees become permanent employees.

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