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I have been in the gaming (casino) industry since 1983.  I was a supervisor at one location for 15 years, I worked entry level then was promoted to supervisor at another facility where I worked 1.5 years, I worked entry level at another location for 1.5 years, and most recently I was employed at an entry level position last summer for a few weeks (I actually only worked six days.)  There have been some periods of unemployment between the jobs and I am currently unemployed (or unintentionally retired, as I tell some people.)

As more and more casinos open up, it has been more difficult to find a management position in my area (Mid-Atlantic) because many properties have been cutting staff due to slowing and dilution of business.

Anyway, I recently found out that when I left my last position, which was at a major gaming company with many locations in the U.S. and elsewhere, I was coded "ineligible for rehire."  I had been submitting applications to that company for appropriate positions at several different locations in my general vicinity with no success -- now I know why.

I was told I was let go because I was not as outgoing or friendly or smiling as was necessary.  I feel I was as friendly as anyone else working there and I had no write-ups or disciplinary actions while there.  For the six days I worked, I was in training, following another employee around, with barely any interaction with guests in the first place.  Now, because of one person's decision, or opinion, it will be even more difficult to find a suitable position in my career, with none of that major company's casinos being available to me as a workplace.

I was thinking of asking for an appointment to meet with the local HR Manager to see if that ineligibility for rehire could be revised or altered.  First of all, how can one person's opinion, after only six working days with no negative incidents basically label me as unemployable in my career for the rest of my life?  Second, I and my previous employers have received letters from guests praising me on my customer service, and I have received commendations as well for that.  I would bring copies of these if I were to meet with the HR Manager.

I would like to continue working in gaming industry management, and I have the background and skills to do so.  Other than trying to set up a meeting with the HR person (which they may or may not want to do) do you have any suggestions on how to deal with this issue?  


ANSWER: You have nothing to lose by meeting with the HR Manager, and as you suggest bring your positive records. Also be prepared for questions as to why you would have worked entry level positions after being a supervisor for 15 years. Good luck.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your response.  If I do have an opportunity to meet with the HR Manager, is it possible that my hiring status could be changed?  If that doesn't work out, what else could I do to get hired at one of the company's properties if they have a position open in which I am interested -- would it help to try to directly contact the department manager or an HR representative at that specific location rather than go through the online application process even though I'm labeled "do not hire" in my file?

Are there any other options I could consider?

As I said, give it a shot with the other advice that I gave you. Also it is best always to contact decision makers rather than the personnel department. If you will send your email address to me at I will send at no obligation a 4 email job search plan that will show you how to do this. Good luck.

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