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So I just started a job recently as an Assistant Manager of a small retail store in March of this year. This is my first management position and I love my job. I found out a week after starting that the store had an armed robbery about 2 weeks before I started. This was the second robbery they had within a year. Also about a week ago our shipment guy said a man that approached him (I saw this man) tried to rob him and also had a gun. When I notified my district manager her reaction was annoyed and not concerned to which she added that another truck was robbed a few days before in our district. No one in the company notified our district of this robbery.Today a woman's car was stolen from the parking lot that faces our store. I'm new to the area as I moved out of state. The area seems and looks decent but apparently isn't. Our store is at the end of a strip mall. Long story short I want to find a safer environment as I don't feel safe or comfortable at work anymore. Also after googling our store I saw we had been robbed in 07,09, and 2012 as well. With stats like that it will happen again and I don't want to be there when it happens. Not to mention our company isn't doing enough to keep our store safe. We have no security and sometimes only one person working the store for hours despite the recent robberies. I'm afraid it will look bad when applying for other jobs that I haven't been on the job long and already leaving. What should I tell my future employers about why I'm leaving? How much should I tell them?

I would be completely honest and tell them what you have just told me. It is a sensible reason for leaving after a short time, And if you will send your email address to me at I will send you at no obligation a job search plan that really works if you work the plan. It includes a sample resume and cover letter and a special search method. Good luck! Bob Walshaw.

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