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Hi Robert,

I am from India and a civil engineering graduate with post graduation in Building Engg. & mgmt (project/construction management). I have more than 2 years of experience in highway engineering and building construction fields.

I have few queries:

1- I want to change my current profile as I currently look after construction management works(interior fit outs for offices) and work on site, however I have a flair for analytical/computer related softwares/numeric work etc kind of things. I feel that I have always been good at those things rather than managing people at site and executing construction, also I don't want to work on site. So please guide what are the prospects I have if I look for opportunities in Canada.

2- Considering my requirements, please guide me how can I effectively search employment in canada and migrate from India because in India there are consultants who are asking for huge amount of money for migration services, also I am not sure about the authenticity of those service providers. So please guide me an effective, authentic and official way for migration.

3- Shall I take PMP certification, will it help?

Thanks in anticipation !

Answer to 1 and 2 - I have a 4 attachment job search plan that I will send to you at no obligation if you will send your email address to me at Not all of it will apply to you but the plan really works IF YOU WORK THE PLAN. However you have to research the people and companies that you want to contact. Use the internet, industry and financial publications, etc.

3. Re: PMP - addition education and certifications always help. Good luck!

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