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Hello Mrs. Grishaber. Well my question might not pertain to job hunting but I am trying to apply for a Office Assistant job at a hospital/clinic and it is asking for a brief work history and why I'm interested in new employment opportunities. Do I tell all the jobs that I worked and how long I've worked there or how do I go about doing it because it said brief? And my problem with that second one is that I don't know how to answer it. I've always been wanting to work at a hospital/clinic and I have a Certificate in Medical Receptionist/Office Assistant but it's those problems that I have. May you please help me?

Kristine Evans

Hi Kristine -
For a brief history of your work, prepare a list that includes the role you had and where. For example:

Office Assistant at dentist office for two years
Clerk at school for one and a half years

Or, based on your specific experience, something like the following might be more relevant to use:

Two and a half years of office experience at a dental office and school, preceded by two years of retail sales experience at ______.

As for why you want to work there, only you can answer that. It sounds like the first reason is that you really enjoy office work and have a certificate, but then you need to also speak to that hospital. Why would you enjoy working at a hospital and why that particular hospital? Is it a children's hospital and you like children? Have you always heard good things about the work they do from people you know? You can also look at their website to learn more about what they do and see if there is something you can speak to.

Karen Grishaber
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