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A friend's mother tells me her son is applying for a paramedic position in an EMT-type urban force.
She also tells me he has a degree in criminal justice (I don't know which exactly), so it got me wondering if he has a unique inter-disciplinary training that makes him "marketable" in some capacity.
Any ideas?


Hello G,
I can't speak to whether or not there was a specific type of training he was able to take advantage of. However, a combination of the right things in one's background can really help differentiate you from others applying for the same position.

In this case, the degree in criminal justice could help others perceive him as someone who could perhaps relate to and communicate more effectively with those he would have to work with in other areas.

It sounds like you're interested in an EMT position and would like to increase the odds. My suggestion would be to reach out to people in that field and do informational interviewing and ask them what they think is most valued for that type of role.

Karen Grishaber

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