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QUESTION: I have a certificate in air ticketing but i don't know where to go about and what to do. Please help me. Can i find a job and what steps to take.

ANSWER: Hello,
Have you been applying at airlines and travel agencies? There are also large companies who have travel departments and sometimes hire.

Key things:
1. Put together your resume.
2. Leverage your resume to create your LinkedIn profile.
3. Set up job alerts (saved job searches) at, and many more large job boards.
4. Also google travel-specific job sites and set up job alerts there.
5. Reach out to people you know and ask who they know who works in the travel industry and try to meet with them for 20-30 minutes to get their advice.

Good luck with your search.

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Karen K. Grishaber
Personal Branding Specialist and Job Search Coach

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Right now i have been called to attend a Guest relations officer/receptionist job interview at a Hotel on 2nd July, 16, but i fear the job am called for differs little with my qualifications. And if they ask me "What will you do to this company?" What answer can i give.

You should Google job descriptions for guest relations officer/receptionist and see what the key skills are that are required.

Then look at what your core skills/strengths are to see where there might be a match. For those skills you have in common, think of an example of where you have used/demonstrated each so you can explain why you could perform those skills.

If you are willing to explore this vs. waiting for an air ticketing job, I'm guessing you need/want to get a job as early as possible. Then it doesn't hurt to go for it.


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