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Is it correct that a person could be denied a job, because of what they see in when they type your name? How does it look when they type your name in and they can see that you published two children books that are written in British English? You are applying for a job in the United States not United Kingdom.

Hello -
Information that can be found on the internet (e.g., Google) could potentially influence someone, but every situation is different. So it's not really possible to know what may specifically influence one person or another or to what extent.

With regard to your question about your having published two books in a different version of English when you're looking for a job where American English is more common, it's difficult to answer when I don't know the requirements of the job. For example, if it were a job as an editor of an American publication, that may be something to consider, but then again, do you have other experience that speaks to what they are looking for?

While information can easily be found out there, you can be proactive and appropriately position yourself in your cover letter and resume, focusing on the most important qualifications of the job and examples of where you have demonstrated those skills and/or experience. You can also put up your own website and do the same so they also see that information when searching for you.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your search.

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