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I am racing a half marathon this Sunday.
The last two runs that I have done, I am having a hard time catching my breath.
This is my taper week, which means I am running less.
Can you tell me if this is typical the week before a race?

Thank you,

Dear Darlene,
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This Chicago Podiatrist, Elmhurst Podiatrist & West Loop Podiatrist says.......
For your pre-marathon shortness of breath....If you have over-trained- then it would not be unusual to have some fatigue. If the weather has gotten colder this past week-that would not be unusual either. Stay hydrated,well nourished and rested. Rest as much as possible up to the race-and only do gentle warm-ups & stretches. Also make sure that you are not getting the flu or a mild to moderate cold. If that is the case-then you might reconsider the race-based on your symptoms & severity of weather. A good indicator would also be your oral temperature. If you develop a low grade fever-suspect the previous and would choose wisely  
Good Luck!
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