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I had an avulsion ischial fracture approximately 2 years ago, no surgery needed but it was close to needing surgery.  Injured myself while running and then ran a marathon 3 weeks later.  Initially misdiagnosed with a groin strain and sent to rehab...several months later, had another xray as I wasn't getting better and the fracture was identified.  I've had continued achiness since the fracture and speedwork during my runs really bothers me - will be sore for 2-3 days after a speed workout.  I've noticed increased achiness in the same area as the fracture but have never been pain free (I'm able to stand on kne leg so don't think kts factured again)...not sure if this is a soft tissue injury or if there is weakness at the previous injury site.  I have a series of marathons in a few months (multiple days of races in a row) and am a bit concerned.  Any advice?  Thank you!

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For your pelvic pain....
There is a chance that the fracture didn't heal completely bone to bone. Any excessive muscle pull will aggravate that area. My choice of therapy for these kinds of conditions is ultrasound & cross friction massage of the muscle fibers of that area. Also try to apply ice to tolerance-several times a day-45 minutes at a time. Also try maximum dose of an anti-inflammatory for 3-5 days-tapering off on day 4. What you describe is an overuse injury-and you should rethink the "several marathons." Remember that in the very first marathon the runner died---and so the point is that the body needs time to recover from extreme abuse.Your body needs time to heal.From your history-you never gave the fracture a chance to heal properly. Whenever I get injured in sports (skiing,martial arts,etc)-the more I push-the more the symptoms linger. I like to think am invincible-but I am not. When I take 3-4 months off(alter my routine to keep from aggravating my injury)-only then do I start to see some relief.

Good Luck!
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