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Dear Dr Tsatsos,
I am a 400m runner but my real ambition is to run cross country and triathlon in the summer. Up until the age of 17 I played lacrosse to a high level and then had to have 9 months out waiting for an operation on an osteo-chondral defect on the front if my ankle where it hinges with the foot. After the operation I couldn't build up mileage because of pain along the insides of my ankles. Gradually I built up to 3k runs (over a 9 month period) and since then I have not pushed the distance but trained for 400m. I am constantly plagued by different injuries in my feet and ankles, from posterior tibial tendinitis to tight calves and mysterious stabbing pains at the beginning of a run that feel like I have trapped a nerve or broken a bone in my foot! I am becoming terribly depressed as running is the thing that makes me happy. Do you have any advice? I got desperate enough to try orthotics but am still having problems, just different ones!
Thank you so much for reading this.
P.S. I am 19 years old, and trained a lot all through school without any serious injuries until this ankle operation which was caused by a partial tearing of two ligaments in the ankle which was not properly diagnosed and treated at the time of the accident. I

Dear Joy,
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For your ankle pain.....
Some of the symptoms you mention come from over training,lack of stretching, and not giving injuries time to heal. Try running in a pool, doing physical therapy exercises and stretches(see a local therapist to guide you). Let your injuries heal-say 3 months---if they still plague you--then seek another opinion-perhaps from a podiatrist, a sports medicine doctor, or an orthopedist who specializes in runners(do some research).
Orthotics can help-if made by a podiatrist or sports medicine specialist. For example-orthotics with heel lifts would help with the tight calves. Your running shoes should also be evaluated with the orthotics-----these can make a difference in runners.
Try a martial art or yoga to help with the tightness of the calves-and will help you in your running

Hope This Helps!
Good Luck!
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