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Hi Nick,
I am 55yrs and have been running/training/gym for 3months and have done 2x 10klms races.1x63mins and 1x68mins. I have not smoked for 14yrs.I was 103kgs and now 93kgs since I started running. Each race I end up near the back of the field as they all pass me by.From the first few steps right to the end it is very hard work.I feels very unnatural and my breathing becomes very rapid and I cant talk. My legs feel heavy and I feel like I am exhausted from the minute I start running. Generally I am normally gifted at all sports and find them fairly easy, but when running I have no strength or vitality. I can start shallow coughing periodically as well.It almost feels like I am carrying a twenty kilo bag of cement around.When I was in the Navy I also battled to run. What is wrong with me, as I really like the idea of running and the personnel rewards.

Christopher, great job on working hard. I can tell you are frustrated. I hope my words are encouraging.

I doubt anything is wrong with you. You're running 6-7 minute kilometers. While that's obviously not elite, you are 55 years old and haven't been exercising until recently. My Dad is of similar age to you and has been working out more lately as well. He's always been in excellent health. He was also an athlete when he was younger. I would be very surprised if you could keep up with you in a race.

All that being said, I do have some tips. 1) Check out this video. I suggest using this foot strike at times. It helps me and others I've taught it to feel lighter as they run. Make sure you ease into it though. It does make you very sore the next day the first time you do it. 2) Think "light" when you run. One way to do this is get on a treadmill and set it at a certain speed and then play with different ways of moving your legs, feet, and arms and see what makes running the easiest. The easier it feels, the better you'll be. 3) Make sure to vary how fast you run. Some days do 45 second sprints. Some days do 3 minute sprints. Some days, jog for an hour. Make sure you get a wide variety. This will help you to increase the speed you run before your legs get tight and sore.

(However, if you're really concerned you should see a medical doctor and seek possible referral to an exercise physiologist so testing can be done in a lab.)

Good luck Christopher and please let me know other questions you have or advice you need.

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