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I have pain along the outside edge of my iliac crest, right below the top of the bone, down to about the hip…then I seem to have a secondary pain in the knee (it feels like I am running with dislocated knee is best way to describe and obviously I stop once that pain starts). The knee pain is kind of on the outside but once it starts hurting bad it seems like the whole thing is just going to fall off.  Usually I will start running, feel pretty good and then start having some hip pain and then the knee seems to take over in the pain department.  I have been a runner and soccer player since I was 5-6 yrs old. I am 34 and for the past 2-3 years have been in and out of physical therapy trying to figure out what is going on with my right hip/knee.  I had an x-ray and MRI which found a small hip labrum tear, which isn't where my pain is coming from, and some tendonosis where the hamstring meets the hip.  This does bother me but definitely seems like a different pain. There is also a cyst on the arm of the hip bone where the bone goes into the joint with scaring. The therapy seems to help the everyday pain; as in sitting and sleeping, walking never seems to bother it even if I walk for a long distance, but as soon as I try running again it’s like I never went. I definitely do not have the range of motion in my obliques.  When I stretch my left arm down towards my knee I can only go about quarter of way to knee totally different on right side.  I have been stretching this.  I seem to have no pain when I bring my knee to chest and can stretch my knee over body fine.  I also have noticed the outside of my calves are extremely tight….not sure if this makes a difference.  I try to stretch this as well but they never seem to loosen up at all. I have noticed that my lower back has started to hurt a bit and is tender to the touch and my quads don't seem to have the strength they used to specifically my right side. I am desperate for some kind of solution. Running is one of those things that helps me relax and without it life just isn’t the same.  Thanks for your time.

Dear Susan,
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For your running pain...
Go see a Board Certified Podiatrist who specializes in sports medicine. They are experts in biomechanics- which is the study of human motion. If you cannot dorsiflex your foot 15 degrees past perpendicular (90 degrees), with your knee locked straight, you probably have tight calves and other tight running muscles. Orthotics may help with some of these problems. Try Yoga or a Martial Arts to do religious stretching-2-3 times a week. Be patient with the stretching-may take several weeks to make a big difference.
Continue with the physical therapy & try running in a pool for 2-3 weeks to allow your injuries to heal & restart slowly
Hope This Helps!
Good Luck!
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