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I run 4x a week for almost 2 years and have recently experienced discomfort in my middle toes on my right foot. It is worst when I first wake up. It hurts more when I walk. It actually does not bother me much when I run. And feels best after I run. I was thinking it was a neuroma or metatarsalitis but would those feel better after a run? Any ideas for exercises that might relieve this? Stretches for the foot or toes? I had been sick with a fever recently and took a week off running but that did not help it.

Hi Len and thank you for your question.

I would suggest if the pain starts to get worse to see your doctor. Usually when there is associated pain after an activity more likely it is muscular so I find it interesting you are saying the opposite occurs. I think stretching would help such as pulling on the toes for 15 seconds  2-3 sets( dorsiflexion) exercises. Try also to incorporate stretching for your calves after a run as well such as a leaning wall stretch for your calves again 15-20 seconds 2-3 sets per activity session after the run is completed. You can also incorporate stretches every other day. After a week if its an over active muscle the pain should decrease.


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