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I am a d1 rower, but I love running and I run anywhere from 5-25 miles per week since I was in 8th grade. For the past year, and especially the past sixth months, I have pain on the right side of my calf, near the front. I know it's not shin splints, and it hurts to run on it and especially to touch it (I still run on it anyways 😑). Do you know what this could be or what a solution is...other than slowing down with my running. Is there an air cast or spider tech tape that could help?

Thank you!

Cassandra, I'm glad you love running so much. It sounds like a mild Grade I-II muscle strain/tear. Rest is normally the best for this. If you've already rested what you think is sufficient then I would see a physical therapist. I am pretty sure that you can see a physical therapist in New York without a physician referral. I strongly recommend that your physical therapist has the credentials of OCS or SCS. This increases the chances of coming to a correct diagnosis and treatment plan. If rest and/or physical therapy treatment doesn't improve it then I recommend getting an MRI or diagnostic ultrasound.

Let me know if you have follow-up questions or more information.

Good luck!

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