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I have been running for about 6 years. I am training for my fifth half marathon right now. A few days ago, I started experiencing a clicking sound in my knee when I walk downstairs or do a squat or lunge. I currently do not have any pain but something just doesn't feel quite right.

I have very flat feet and was just fitted with new shoes since the shoes I had been running in for years were discontinued. I was also fitted with orthodics at the running store.

Is this something I should go to the orthopedist for? Should I take a break from running even though I am not experiencing any pain?

Thanks for your help!

Dear Hillary,
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Changing shoes & getting fitted for orthotics from a running store can certainly cause this problem.
As much as I am a proponent of orthotics-they should be prescribed by someone well versed in biomechanics. Perhaps you don't need them. You seemed to be symptom free until you switched shoes & got orthotics. Try another brand of shoe-closest to to your old brand & maybe skip the orthotics. A sports podiatrist is your best bet.
Hope this helps
Good Luck!
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