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QUESTION: I am still experiencing tightness taht I had previously not experienced. It mostly loosens up once I get into my run but first thing in the morning and later in the day after a run I am sore and tight in my lower back, hips and outer quads. I am doing your suggested snow angels 2x a day. Could it could be my gluteus medius?
If so any suggested stretches to get this thing permanently loosened up? I have been trying a movement where I lay on my back and twist one way with my arms and shoulders and the opposite way with my legs and hips. Feels good but doesn't seem to last.I have cut back from 15 to 12 miles a week. I don't think I could do a 6 miler even if I tried anymore....:>(

ANSWER: I'm sorry to hear that Len. The following are some exercises that will focus on your glutes. You may be right that your glute medius may have some problems. These exercises will help.

Do both of these exercises for a week. Do 4-7 sets of 5-12 reps depending on how tiring they are for you. If this doesn't significantly help in a week then I highly recommend seeing a physical therapy doctor. Please let me know how this goes for you.

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QUESTION: I must say that I am feeling significantly better. I am doing so many things it is hard to attribute the progress to any one thing. I am spending a good amount of time 2-3x a day doing a major stretching routine that includes the bridges/hip thrusts and clams shells you suggested as well as the snow angels. I have found the figure 4 stretch to be helpful and one where I lie on my back and bring each leg across my body trying to touch the floor with my toes. It give a major stretch to the glutes and ITB. If the ITB wasn't so stiff in the morning I would say mission accomplished. I noticed a HUGe improvement after I managed a 6 miler on Saturday. Maybe that loosened everything up. First time I managed more than 3 miles in 4-6 weeks. Woohooo! I feel like I am back in business. Until a 6'4" runner cruised past me. I was turning them over like mad (5'8") and this guy was just gliding by. LOL. Thanks for your help.

ANSWER: You're very welcome Len. I'm glad to year you're doing better. Continue the stretching. Hopefully in the future you'll be able to regress to doing bridges and clamshells. Also try this exercise: I like this one after symptoms have calmed down. It helps to keep all the muscles functioning together properly.

Good luck and never hesitate to ask future questions.

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QUESTION: Nick - have you ever experienced that pins and needles feeling in your hand (or other part) during a run? Like when your hand or foot falls asleep? I get that in my left hand. Not every run. More often in longer runs. Could it be related to blood vessels compressing nerves or could it be too much tension in shoulders from carrying hands too high? I find my hands keep creeping higher during running. I consciously try to keep them at waist level.

1st rib mobilization
1st rib mobilization  
Hey Len, It could be from your shoulders going higher. Try this exercise. Use a belt, dog leash, sheet, or towel and position it as shown in this picture. Pull it down and to the right (diagonally). Oscillate it in this direction. Perform this for 5 minutes each day.  Let me know if this does or doesn't improve it. This is called a first rib mobilization.

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