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Hi, I don't usually run far distances, but I do run a mile or two regularly along with competitive irish dancing.  I sprained my ankle in February of this year and was on crutches for a week and had to not do sports for the week after that.  I landed on the side of my ankle coming down from one of my jumps.  My ankle had been consistently hurting for months before- a dull pain that worsened with activity, but never got unbearable- but I never really rested it before being on crutches.  After I went back to dance I worked with my physical education teacher and started doing more exercises to strengthen my ankle.  I jogged a bit, but only around my block because it started to hurt more after that much.  it still bothered me but I just tried different ankle braces and kept dancing and lightly jogging (probably a mistake looking back on it!).  The dance year ended in June so I had a couple of weeks resting it before the summer camps started.  Well in late June/ early july i started dancing again and the pain came back worse than I had remembered it being at the end of the year.  At that point i stopped running all together because i was wiped out after classes and spent the evenings either at class or icing it at home.  The pain is usually on the outer part of my left ankle- the same one that i injured back in february.  i did 4-6 hours of dance (depending on the day) for two weeks.  I mostly danced in my running sneakers instead of the usual dance shoes to try and give it more support while jumping- but that didn't help it very much.   I'm trying the ankle exercises my teacher gave me but they don't seem to be helping at all- only causing more pain.  I have a dance competition in 2 weeks and really don't want to skip.  Do you have any idea of what might be causing the pain? By the way- I'm a 13 year old girl if that helps at all.

Thank you for your help!!

Dear Brenna,

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Tell your parents right away of your problems & go have it looked at a a Board Certified Podiatrist. Sounds like the injury you suffered has not healed & your activity level does not let it heal. You do need to have it looked at & not worry about the competition. Worry about making your ankle worse.
Hope this helps.
Good Luck!
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