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I have been experiencing soreness on the side of my knee and side of my hip - NOT DURING runs but after. I stretch and use a roller 2x every day. It does not feel like muscle soreness. More like tendons. When I kneel on my knees to stretch on a firm surface there are very specific points on the outsides of my knees that are quite painful when pressure is applied. Is this simply a symptom of over training or can I do something to relieve this? Again during the runs my knees and hips feel good.

Hey Len

I believe the problem to your running is that you have some flexibility issues as well as the over training issue. May I ask how much do you run on a weekly basis.

I would ask for you to use a foam roller on the side of your hip as well as IT band if you haven't already  I know you mentioned your doing a roller already just unsure which ones, and  also include an IT band stretch as well. IT bands are usually a stubborn area that become tight, that is the tendon we are talking about here. Include the RICE principle to reduce pain/ inflammation to the affected area ( Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) for 15 minutes 2 times a day.

I know you said your using the foam roller, which ones do you do? I would also ask, if you do running on any other ground ( like on grass at a park, or treadmill) does the area have the same effect of muscle soreness? My last question is if you are running on a consistent basis, do you change your shoes often (within 6 monthes).

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