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I want to ask about the shoes that are suitable for people with flat feet, I am not sure if this is what falls within your field of expertise, but I really could not find an answer to my question when I asked people or searched on Google about it; your answer could help me a lot.

I am male, am 25 years old, weigh 100 kg and I have flat feet (but not completely flat). I want to buy new shoes for walking. I know that shoes with higher stability are recommended for people with flat feet, but I want to know about other specification of the shoe like it's width and how much fit it should be. I have heard it is better for flat feet if shoes are slightly bigger and are not exactly fit when you wear them.

I want to know if this is true or not? and if there is anything else I should know for selecting the right shoes for flat feet?


Hi Ramin and thanks for your question

Yes you are right the shoe you wear must be comfortable and not every shoe will be matched for you so you need to test when your out shopping for shoes for walking. Technically you should have a bit of room (approximately 1/2 an inch) for your toes because it can put a lot of stress on your feet. As for the width it should not be loose because it will make your foot unstable while walking. Also at the back of the shoes where the heel fits should not be loose because it will be unstable while your walking.

If you are walking for an extended period of time please be aware that your feet do get a bit bigger from the pressure of walking. For this reason, it is recommended to have a bit of room at the front of the shoe for your toes to compensate for this. An easy way to determine this is to see if your toes touch and put pressure at the front of the shoe, if it does then it may be too tight and you might have to increase the size. However it should not be too much that it compensates your walking.

I hope this helps  

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