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Jogging & Running/pain in calves when I walk


Hello Mr. Tsatsos.  I am greek and since your name sounded greek I thought I'd ask you for advice.

I'm a a male in my late 20's. I am out of shape (240lbs, 5'11) and a heavy smoker (I'm greek..).  I have started eating healthier and exercising, while I'm trying to quit smoking, for the past few days.  The problem that I have is when I walk, my calves get tight and start to hurt.  The pain gets so bad within minutes that I have to stop.  I did manage to walk for 2 miles a couple days ago, by "pushing through" the pain.  I did have to take a couple rests to stretch, and it seems like that helped me finish the 2 miles.  Yesterday and today I only managed to walk for half a mile, and I decided to just top not wanting to cause any damage.

I did a some research online and I read that the pain could be due to low blood flow to the legs, especially being a smoker.  I am worried about this since I always thought the pain was due to the extra weight and being out of shape.  Another reason could be that I do not have the right shoes for my walking style/supination (the outter part of the soles on my shoes wear out the fastest).

Today after my walk, I sat down and noticed part of the muscle (?) right next to the shin on the outside was a bit swollen.  The area was a round dime size. I had this on both of my legs. I am not sure if this was simply muscle reacting to stress or something worst like a blood clot.  That went away after a few minutes of rest, and so did the pain that I had in my calves.

I do plan to see a doctor if the problem does not go away after a period of time. I just wanted to ask if you think this is something serious, and whether the pain in my calves is "normal" considering my sedentary lifestyle and will it go away as I exercise and keep following a healthy diet.  Do you recommend I exercise/walk regardless of the pain?


Dear Nasos,

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For your calf pains. It is very rare to have a blood clot in the same spot in both legs.
The pain sounds like intermittent claudication ( poor circulation possibly due top smoking)or muscle strain due to poor shoes & being out of shape. I would suggest a Board Certified Podiatrist, who should be able to diagnose all of the above. If there is poor circulation to the legs, the exercise will improve it, or you would then see a peripheral vascular specialist.
Hope this helps & Good Luck!

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