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I want to about Proetin and Creatine supplements. How they good to achieve my faster one mile goal with less injuries. Is there any other supplement that is good for my bones and joints affected while running. Things I Could do to avoid shin sprints and knee problems while running..

Protein helps in muscle synthesis yes, also the supplement Glucosomine has also been shown to help with people who have joint problems. Try to increase your intake of fish, it has healthy oils of omegas which also help in reducing inflammation.

With shin splints and knee problems, I think you should see a licensed professional just to see the severity of the injuries. You will need to include a flexibility program and reduce the intensity of exercise for awhile. Perhaps you can use a treadmill or try to mix it up. Shin splints and knee problems can be a combination of problems but the majority of cases it has been shown as a result of overuse (doing too much work on the affected area),

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