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I will be getting arthroscopic surgery on my right knee in April. The doc will shave down the meniscus tear/bump. I am 55, but am a 'slow healer'. I dont think getting back to work will be a problem, but will I be able to resume running this spring/summer? Thanks!

Hey Barry. Usually in these cases where surgery is involved the rate of recovery is between 3-6 months. A physical therapist would initially be  of great importance for you to heal back your meniscus under directio of a physician. As a strength coach my role is a bit different but i can answer some general questions in regarding rehab during the final stages. You should focus on progressing activity gradually so that the tissue gets stronger but isnt over exerted. This can be isolated strength exercises of your leg with 12-20 repititions at first with 1-2 exercises, then progress to exercises more difficult such as balance/ multijoint exercises. You want the right amount of dose of exercise so that your meniscus doesnt get reinjured.So yes it can be possible but your doctor and physical therapist will give a more accurate window because everyones body reacts different with repairing itself especially after an injury.

hope this helps

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