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I slipped on some ice and strained my inner ankle. It is stiff when I wake in the morning. It does loosen up during the day but it is tender midway between the inner ankle bone and the achilles. What lies between the two? What would be better - rest or use? Cold or heat?

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For your ankle sprain & possible injury to your posterior subtalar joint---the area between the inside ankle & Achille's tendon is the back of the joint between the calcaneus (heel bone) & talus (ankle bone).
Protect-Wrap & stop using your ankle
Rest-see above
Ice-Up to 72 hours as much as possible (45 minutes on---15 minutes off) & then as needed for pain & swelling.
Compress-Ace wrap or similar
Elevate-As needed for swelling
Do for at least 3 days & hen as needed.
No heat until the oain goes away & it feels stiff--@ 4-6 days if you follow the above.
If it gets worse or does not inprove within a few weeks-go see a Board Certified Podiatrist.
Hope this helps & Good Luck!

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