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I slipped on some ice 6-8 weeks ago and strained all kinds of stuff in my arch/instep and ankle on the inside of my left foot. I continued to run on it and when it didn't heal as fast as I would have liked I took 2 weeks off and rested it. It is healing slowly but actually feels looser after a run than before. It is stiffest first thing in the morning. Heat seems to help more than cold.

My question is what tendon or ligament or muscle runs down the inner ankle just behind the ankle bone down into the arch and then toward the big toe? That seems to be the path of my discomfort.

Hi Len

I believe you would need to see a physician about that or physical therapist.  It could be the tendon connect to your posterior tibialis but the physical therapist would do a physical therapist to determine what tendon needs to be strengthened. They might recommend some balance exercises to restore proper control in the ankle. It looks like from your telling me some of the receptors in the postural muscles in your ankle got a little screwy and need to be retrained and balance helps with that.

I hope this helps

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