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Hello Milton !

About three months ago, I started preparing for a marathon. Last weekend I ran 6.2 miles (the marathon is 26 miles).
Based on my experience in the 6.2 miles run
-- no issues with breath
-- no issues with legs. but minor pains from my heel spur (right leg)
-- lot of sweating. causing sore nipples towards the end ( I did wear a cotton t-shirt)

I have about 5 months to prepare for my 26 miles run. Please help me with:
-- should I stay away from the 26 miles run because of the heel spur and sore nipples are the two pre-disposing conditions for injury ? if not, how should I approach my preparation so that I do not aggravate any exposure from heel spur and tendency for sore nipples.
-- how should I create my practice plan ? meaning, in what increments should I increase the distance/time? how many times a week should I run for short times and longer times ?
-- should I use whey protein supplement? if yes, how much before/after the running ( I am 6 feet and weight 195 lbs)
-- any specific tips you might have for me to follow.



Hi Anil,

I am not qualified to talk about how to run a marathon, because I never ran any. I have done a lot of ultramarathons and ran across the USA, twice, but the pace is very different and the training program is not the same.

But I can tell you about the nipple problem: just put a bandaid, or tape over them. I like to use tape, the kind you use for bandages.



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My specialty is ultra-long distances. Where it comes to speed and short distance events my knowledge, and interest, are very limited, but in the field of very long distance I know how it is. Also, there is an entire separate culture and body of knowledge about ultramarathons that is not the same as for short distance races. Training and techniques for running ultramarathons (any race above 26.2 miles, most of them 50 or 100 miles long) is very different than that of "normal" races.

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