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I injured my ankle 6 months ago slipping on ice during a run. I have done exercises used ice, then heat trying to get back to being pain free. It is much better than it was but it still bothers me. Some of it may be plantar fasciitis but that loosens up during the course of my runs. The real nagging pain starts at the inside ankle bone and wraps down under the arch. What does that sound like to you and do you have any stretching or strengthening suggestions?

Hey Len,

Sorry to hear about your ankle injury. Unfortunately as a trainer I cannot diagnose an injury, that would only be reserved for a physician. However I would suggest to decrease the intensity or stop the activity that is causing the pain. Use the RICE principle of Rest( the affected area), Ice the area for 150-20 minutes 3 times a day until the inflammation and swelling goes down, Compression (just a little on the area and lastly Elevate ( raise the leg on a pillow when laying down).

I would only be able to suggest a rehabiliation stretch/ strengthening program based on the results that a doctor/physician would give me thats why I cannot give a much more full answer.

Please see your doctor and see what they suggest.
Hope this helps and sorry I can't give a much more full answer on this subject at the moment.

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