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Hi there :) So I'm interesting in long distance running, specifically cross country. It's always been a goal or dream of mine to be able to run long distances and possibly join track and field. Ironically enough, I rarely exercise and can run about a 8-9 minute mile. Terrible, I know. I'm 14 and just about to start highschool so I was hoping that maybe next year I could try out for the cross country team. I was wondering if you had and tips or advice on how to get into long distance running and what I could do to train for it. I appreciate any and all advice you have. Thank you :)

Cross country and track & field are very different worlds. There is an abyss of philosophical differences between them. I suggest you get involved with them in practices and read about it as much as you can so you can figure out which one is more congenial to your personality and running style.

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I can answer any questions about long distance running. I can also talk about preparation for events, logistics, adventure, trail running, and training for long distances.


I prepared for and ran 2832 miles from Miami to Los Angeles in 2011, and am now preparing to run again from Los Angeles to Miami starting on January 1st 2014. I have ran the Miami Marathon, a Ragnar Relay from Miami to Key West (199 miles) and I run regularly at non-competitive events.

I write often about long distance running at

My specialty is ultra-long distances. Where it comes to speed and short distance events my knowledge, and interest, are very limited, but in the field of very long distance I know how it is. Also, there is an entire separate culture and body of knowledge about ultramarathons that is not the same as for short distance races. Training and techniques for running ultramarathons (any race above 26.2 miles, most of them 50 or 100 miles long) is very different than that of "normal" races.

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