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I am getting very discouraged for my daughter, who is 19 yard old, and has suffered from severe stomach cramps seemingly every time she runs HARD for any extended period of time. She does not experience this type of pain when she is out for a slow jog, but as soon as she gifts into sprint mode (she is a sprinter) she comes home, almost doubled over, she has to pee, and then she usually gets diarrhea. Finally, after about 10 minutes, the pain is all gone.

She is considering quitting running altogether (she runs DIII track) because this problem has plagued her since high school and no one seems to have an answer. I really don't want to take her see a specialist until we try other things first. Do you have any suggestions?

Hey Bob

From what it sounds like it sounds like symptoms related to runners trots/ incontience which is common for a high percentsge of female runners.the cramps could be due to abnormal finction of the pelvic muscles. There are actually incontinence clinics that deal with this issue. Usually in a step like this I would suggest seeing your general pracitioner first to rule out anything else. I havent had much exposure to this issue and during my studies as it was only talked about once.

If you can, look upincontience clinics in your area but see a doctor first just incase, i cant give you clear guidelines because we would need the doctor to rule out anything else and then he gives the go ahead to start exercise programming.

Hope this helps

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