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Hello Nick,

I'm hoping you might be able to help me out.  I have a new issue with my hip.  a little about my running, 10-15 miles a week, 21 min 5k, 6 flat mile.  I've had IT issues before, but lately, I've been having hip/groin issues.  It started with a groin type pain and the subsided, then came back as a somewhat instable vague pain that's not really focused.  After a few days rest I decreased my training intensity (8 min miles).  I started noticing that as I ran I would be this tightness on the backside of my hip more on the top of my butt on my right side.  I can't really seem to stretch it.  After my run, I don't always feel horrible, but then my inner groin(right side) starts to be sore and certain directions(steping slowly backwards-occasionally) will send a burst of middle ground pain, but nothing too bad.  After a day or 2, this would subside somewhat and I could try again.  Last week, I ran down a long hill on cement and afterwards the pain was a little worse.  Since then, it's gotten better, but it has completely resolved.  At first it felt like thigh shin splints, but now it's a little more focused between the side back of my hip, but then it sometimes is a small pinch on the front top, and then in the day or two after a run, my inner groin hurts on the right side.  Additionally, some of this happens on the left side as well.  I just feel like I'm tight all over.  My main concern was stress fracture, but jumping doesn't cause any pain 1 or 2 footed.  Additionally, it seems to hurt when I use certain muscles rather than just aching without effort, although when it first starts to hurt after a run, I will have this almost restless leg style issue with my upper thighs, where they just don't feel relaxed and uncomfortable with very very minor pain if it can even be called that.  I know I am rambling, but this is a weird issue to describe.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Thanks for the message Tom. Great job on running so much. I have 2 main recommendations.

1) Try performing clamshells as shown here:

2) I recommend you see a physical therapist. You could see a physician first, but it is likely musculoskeletal and that's where you'll end up anyway. If it's not something that a PT can see then they can send you to your physician.

If your pain was isolated and only with a certain movement it'd be easier for me to be confident in recommending a couple exercises or stretches that could help you. However, it seems like you may need more. I like the clamshells for most problems with the hip, but I'd be a little surprised if it solved your problems. If you'd like help choosing a PT feel free to send me your zip code and I'll search the area and give you a recommendation.

I'm sorry I can't help you more via this site, but this is definitely the best route to go.

Don't hesitate to follow-up with more questions.

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