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I work in the school district so I am off from work in the summer. I am middle age and quite overweight. I started walking again ,at first 15 -20 minutes and within a  month for an hour everyday. At that time I would get some mild pain along the lateral aspect of my left foot about midway up with a knot in the muscle around there and some ankle swelling that I always get after being on my feet. It wasn't overly bothersome.I had broken and sprained that foot several times years ago. I went back to work ...the first week both of my feet ached horribly from standing again.I was still trying to get some walking in. By the second week my right foot was fine my left foot now hurt day and night . The pain was along the lateral side worse and now across my dorsal foot and having arch spasms at night in bed.
I went to a podiatrist. Xrays showed mild mid-foot osteoarthritis, non-specific increased calcaneal pitch angle , hammertoe, calcaneal enthesophytes.The podiatrist gave me cortisone shot in the area between ankle and that muscle knot. steroid pack and these 3/4 orthotics he sold me not custom. This took the edge off the pain ...spasms gone and most of top of my foot but orthotics actually are stirring up my heel spur that hasnt bothered me in years. The main reason I'm writing though is that the pain at night is AWFUL. Throughput the day I feel it in that same lateral area, but at night it is like an aching toothache!! When I get up to walk it feels like my foot is broke for like five to ten minutes but than calms down to mild pain. I tried the heat ice he told me but it actually makes my foot feel stiff.Castor oil packs help a little. The last two nights I wrapped an ace bandage around my foot and it did calm it down some. My insurance stinks and every time I go to podiatrist it costs $200 plus dollars. My foot is not swollen except in ankle area a little and that muscle knot . It isnt muscle pain.It feels deep in the foot or bone?? When I dorsi or plantar flex I feel pain along that side and on top a little. Any suggestions or thoughts would be really appreciated.

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Dear Marianne,

This Orthopedic Chicago Podiatrist located in West Loop 60661, Roscoe Village 60618, Ukrainian Village 60622, Elmhurst 60126 & Bartlett 60103 says,
For your heel pain-
The pain is due to the pulling & tearing of the plantar fascia & ligaments around them. They try to heal themselves & as they do so, they tighten up. When we then stand, they get pulled & torn again.
If you wants this to improve, do your best to lose what weight you can, wear shoes with a little bit of a heel, stretch your calves before you get out of bed-with a towel or similar.
Google additional exercises for tight calves ( gastrocnemieus )-and do them all the time.
Hope this helps & Good Luck!

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