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well I came across this site while googling knee brace.

So I have the dreaded chondal malecia patella I say dreaded since everything I do makes the knee swell. I am a tv reporter who often needs to walk long distances.... sitting at my desk also aggravates it also , standing does not.

I have has synvist (spelling) and 3 cortisone shots no one has suggested surgery. I remember on a recent trip while on the plane my knee did not swell as I wore a sock type of cast with some boning in it from the ortho

I also have taped it with rocket tape no one has suggested surgery I am looking for a smaller cast or similar the one I have goes from thigh to calf and any other suggestions ? It is hard to find pants to cover it and in a dress well so many questions its big and blue colored.

I see the vitamin C thing. I find this whole process a bit discouraging as I cant seem to calm down the swelling even after months on anti inflammatories and I desperately want to return to normal and yes I ice twice a day.

Thank yhou kindly Susan

Dear Susan,

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For your chondromalecia of your patella,
Usually this is a tracking problem of the patella-in other words the patella goes to the inside or outside of the femoral condyles. This causes rubbing across bone -instead of cartilage on cartilage. Sometimes orthotics or a a shoe modification may help, to align the patella to track centrally on the leg. Strengthening exercises of the extensors or the leg, the vastus medialis,vastus lateralis & rectus femoris are also known to help. The best brace is an elastic sleeve with gel doughnut around the patella. They come with & without side supports. I like those knee braces & I've worn them when I've aggravated my knee(s) skiing. It's called Genu Train by Bauerfeind- they also fit nicely under clothes. Sounds like you may also need to seek another opinion, perhaps with a sports medicine specialist, to see if there is another condition aggravating your knee joint. Skip the vitamin C. There is some evidence that glucosamine or chondroitin sulfate may help, but a precise diagnosis (the biomechanics that causes your condition) would help better. Although icing will help, compression may work better. See my brace recommendation. Physical therapy may also help.
Hope this helps & Good Luck!

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