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I've trained for a marathon 3 times and only been able to finish 1 due to injuries during each of my training plans.  Each injury has been different (IT band, groin pull, calf strain), but I'm finally getting into the bulk of my 4th attempt at training for a marathon.  I'm up to 18 miles this week on the Hal Higdon intermediate plan. Do you have suggestions on how to avoid injuries?  I've always gotten injured on a shorter, 8 mile run after the long runs, so I'm being very careful, but getting nervous as I come closer to the 20 mile runs.  I stretch, have good shoes, cross train, etc., but is there another trick?  Is it necessary to run the 20 mile runs or is it okay to cut those short?  Thanks!!!!


Great job on continuing to work hard even though you've had some trials. I hope this time you're able to finish out.

The 20 mile runs are important, but it sounds like those aren't the problem. It sounds like the run the day after is the problem. Instead of doing an 8 mile run try doing a bike or arc trainer or elliptical the day after.

If you run into issues even with this recommendation then feel free to come see me at Gold Medal Physical Therapy which is northeast of Baltimore.

Good luck and don't hesitate to reach out with another question.

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