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I came down with plantar faciitis in the Fall, probably as a result of cheap runners on pavement. I had it once before in the same foot, and an ex-ray revealed a small heel spur.
I have used a night sock to eliminate morning stiffness, and three cortisone shots killed most of the pain. My doc says now I have to wait a few months to get another if I need it.
I can only walk for a few minutes and cant run , so its really affecting my ability to exercise.
I wanted to try acupuncture as it worked well for a knee meniscus tear, but the clinic I called recommended I start with shock wave therapy.
What do you think? Thanks for your thoughts!

Dear Bud

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For your plantar fasciitis,
Go see a podiatrist & find out the bio-mechanical cause of your plantar fasciitis. The spur is evidence of the plantar fasciitis, not the cause. The cause may be obesity, tight calves, change in shoes, etc. Example: a simple heel lift will alleviate the pain if it's tight calves. Orthotics will work for low arches, diet for weight gain, etc
Skip the shock wave & acupuncture until you know the cause. Then treat the cause, not the pain.
Hope this helps & Good Luck!

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