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Jogging & Running/Wrong shoe after orthotics?


Greetings, Dr. Tsatsos...
Thank you for reading my question.
I am a 55-year-old female 5'2 weighing approximately 120 lbs.
I am a "novice" jogger, meaning about 10-15 miles tops per week.
Six years ago, I got a pair of orthotics made for me from a podiatrist.  I no longer live in the area.  He determined my ankles roll in (overpronate) and I have pretty low arches, and
this was causing some ankle joint pain/swelling after jogging.
I put them in a pair of Brooks Addiction 10 running shoes, which are motion control.  I looked at the shoes today, and I see the heels are wearing on the outside (now underpronating), so I feel I am "over correcting" and need a different shoe.  My question is would a neutral or stability (more stable, but less dramatic as what I have) shoe be best?  I have had no ankle pain since using the orthotics, but I am concerned about other problems,
as I have osteoporosis, and I don't want stress fractures from this, etc.

Dear Jill,

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You get your eyes & teeth checked yearly. Get yourself re-evaluated for a new pair of orthotics-five years is a long tgime & your feet have changed. Ask for a running shoe recommend. A good orthotic should function best in a neutral shoe. Save your hard earned dollars & get a regular gym shoe without all the bells & whistles.A Board Certified Podiatrist with sports experience is your best bet. Also follow up with a physician on your osteoporosis--perhaps it's treatable with natural methods of diet & exercise.

Hope this helps & Good Luck

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