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I am no longer able to run for any distance because of my knees that are both slightly arthritic, and the fact I am overweight by about fifty pounds. My doc says once I lose the weight I can go back at it-but not until. I still like the 'action' of running, even if its at home on a treadmill while watching soccer on tv. Stationary bikes and ellipticals just dont do it for me. I tried running on the spot but that wasnt much of a workout.  I was thinking of getting an aerobic step. Would that be similar to running without the impact? Would it burn as many calories? Thanks!

Dear Bud,
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For your decreased ability to run due to arthritis & being overweight.....
Save your money & try to go to a local gym.
You will find encouragement & support. Plus you should vary your exercise routine.
You'll only find a snack at home....and reasons not to use the machine.
Do your running & exercises in a pool. The water will decrease the weight on your knees, but provide resistance to increase calories burned. That's what professional running athletes do.
Also, the fact that you've admitted the weight & wanting to do something about it is a great start!
Do understand that you will have to diet seriously and not depend on exercise to lose weight. The exercise will keep you healthy & help putting the weight back on. Once you lose the weight, gentle running will help the knee arthritis!
Hope this helps & Good Luck!

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