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10 days ago I fell from a chair holding 30lbs and landed with the edge of a baby gate under the arch of my foot. The inner arch bruised and I also got a small cut on the outer arch. I'm a mail carrier and walk 5-6 hours a day.  I favored the outer side while walking to ease pain.  After 7 days the bruising went away but I began to get pain across the top of my foot by the ankle bone and the arch is still painful while walking. If I don't walk for approx 20 mins immediately after work I am barely able to put weight on my foot and walk with a significant limp. Just wondering if it sounds more like a possible fracture or more of a sprain or strain injury from not walking properly. I've had knee sprains n strains before but I didn't experience worse pain once I stopped using my knee like I am with my foot.  Any movement of the foot is painful now above and below the arch. There is still the same amount of swelling as I had when it was 1st injured and it is minimal.

Any advice would be appreciated

Dear Colleen,

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After a foot or ankle injury, the body tries to keep the injured area still, so it can heal. The stiffness of your arch is indicative of this. As long as the discomfort goes away and doesn't return worse, the arch appears to be healing. Ice for pain. Moist heat for stiffness. Try to keep it wrapped & in a good boot to support & decrease movement-while it's healing.
If the pain increases, or lasts more than a few weeks, get it examined.
Consider soft orthotics.
Hope this helps & Good Luck!

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